The Team

Claudio Quesada

Scientific Advisor

Claudio Quesada-Rodriguez, originally from Costa Rica, demonstrated his passion for wildlife research and conservation from an early age, building a collection of more than 1,000 insect specimens.

He began his studies in Ecological Tourism and later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Management. He completed a Specialization in Marine Veterinary Science in Hawaii, USA, and an internship at the Baltimore Aquarium.

He has three Master’s Degrees: Marine Biology, Environmental Consulting and Environmental Law. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy of Environmental Sciences. He worked at the ANAI Association and later directed marine programs in Costa Rica and Panama. He has also been an environmental consultant and has contributed to projects in several countries.

 Claudio has held volunteer roles, including the coordination of the National Sea Turtle Network in Costa Rica and governmental advice on various environmental issues. He has been recognized with national and international conservation awards.

 Since 2016, Claudio has served as Scientific Director of the Pacuare Reserve, where he has established research and conservation programs for various species. Since 2022, he is an Environmental Consultant at Vanguart Agency.

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